Available Resources for Sr. Adults

Resources Available for Senior Adults in Caldwell County

Over the last few years, two research projects have shown that most senior adults in the county are not aware of the many services and opportunities available to them – many which are free or of little cost. This information is now available.

A booklet, Senior Adult Resources in Caldwell County, along with a smaller summary flyer has now been compiled and is being distributed throughout the county. This information is available in three ways:

  1. In print form - thanks to funds from the Caldwell County and Western Piedmont Council of Governments
  2. From the Internet - through the county’s website where one can download a copy of the booklet or a large print version (http://www.caldwellcountync.org/senior-adults)
  3. Through a dedicated phone line available three days a week – a Senior Adult Referral Center (828-426-8282)

Besides basic information about meals-on-wheels or how to get one’s home modified, the booklet also contains over 27 sources for recreation and educational opportunities in the county, listing everything from contact information about college classes which are mostly free to seniors, or the Unifour Senior Games. It also lists the eight museums or historic sites in the county as well as where to get maps of the “greenway” trails being developed. There is even information about where to volunteer in the county as well as on how to find support groups. The booklet even contains information about Caldwell’s new Alzheimer facility.

Seniors, their families, and caregivers will be astonished to learn about the many services and opportunities in Caldwell County that benefit the “retirement community” -  resources available locally that everyone can personally use and explore.

Most people will want to print a copy from the Internet. However, while supplies last, a few of the printed booklets are available at the Caldwell County Public Library (all three branches). Ask for the Senior Adult Resources in Caldwell County booklet at the front desk.

Source: Caldwell County Press Release 2011