Purpose Statement

Purpose Statement

The purpose of First Baptist Church, Hudson, is to worship God and advance His kingdom by proclaiming His Son as the Way, the Truth, and the Life to our community and the world.

Vision Statement

To be a family of Spirit-filled Christians dedicated and committed to:

  • Pleasing God through life-changing WORSHIP
  • Supporting God's family through FELLOWSHIP
  • Striving to become more like Christ through DISCIPLESHIP
  • Continually serving God through MINISTRY
  • Embracing EVANGELISM as our core mission

Core Values

  1. We value, for our Christian growth and direction, the study of God's Holy Word and a commitment to prayer.
  2. We will foster joyful and life-changing worship that is biblically sound and culturally relevant.
  3. We will strive to deepen the fellowship and unity within our church family, while encouraging fellowship with other churches in our community.
  4. We will encourage every believer to grow in discipleship and service.
  5. We will promote and support compassionate and effective ministries to people with physical, emotional and spiritual needs in our community and world.
  6. We will be committed to mission and evangelism by individually and collectively accepting Christ's command to tell the good news.